Does Penis Size Matter For Women?


Why do you think penis enlargement pills and anything that have to with enlarging the size of your penis is one of the most heavily searched topics on Google these days? If you look at different supplements ratings like this one, you will understand what is the difference between tratements that work. Even your own guy friend and women themselves are telling you "penis size is what matters" because they too have been brainwashed by that part of society that as of now if you are a straight male hates your guts.

The only problem is most guys are getting their answer from the wrong sources. If you want te answer to whether or nor the size of your penis actually matters to beautiful women if you want the truth, the shocking truth then you need to ask guys who actually have sex with lots of beautiful women. Make sense, right? That is the only way you will ever get to the bottom of this and finally get the true straight from the horse's mouth.

So right now I want you to erase everything you have ever read or been misled to believe on this topic by Hollywood, TV, media, movies, even women themselves, and this includes your own guy friends because they have all been brainwashed too. The shocking truth is - and you can believe me when I tell you this, the guy who slept with literally dozens and dozens beautiful women - the size of your penis does not matter to beautiful women. So let me say that again. The size of your penis does not matter to beautiful women.


What matters to beautiful women is how much attraction she has for you, how much she likes you. This is what actually determines the size of your penis in her head. There is one thing you need to understand about beautiful women that beautiful women  don't believe what they actually see with their own eyes. They only believe what you can make her feel, the emotions you can create her, the attraction you can build. So if you are doing exactly what I teach you to do meaning, you are challenging her, you are not returning your phone calls, you are showing up late, you are not giving her your power, then guess what? You will have legions of very hot young, thin, beautiful women crazy attracted to you and all believing that you got the biggest penis in the world, regardless of how big or how small you actually are. Because you are able to make her feel those insane emotions for you that are making her insanely attracted to you.