Sex Enhancement Herbs For Men

Maca Root


Maca Root is a substance known to give stamina and energy. It can also help quite a bit with the sexual act. Sometimes it is simply just helps somebody to have more desire for sex. Because one of the most common things I am finding in my practice these days is that people although they may be ale to go through the sexual act, almost have lost all their desire or libido. So you need to have that component, or it is just not going to be an enjoyable act.

Muira Puama


Muira Puama is another herb that always is found in supplements and it is something that will help for male and female. It can help again with stamina, and it has been proven to help with both desire for sex and a sexual act.



It is another herb that enhances circulation again. It is considered thermogenic; it will make you sweat if yu take a lot. It is been known for many years to help men who have erectile dysfunction. We have to consider the fact that women need to be aroused as well. So some women can also benefit from the thing like Yohimbe. As a herb, it is added to many different over-the-counter preparations to help with sex.

Again these herbs can be helpful, they are not in themselves going to solve the whole problem.

Tribulus Terrestris


Another thing that could be used is called Tribulus Terrestris. It is something that a lot of bodybuilders use. It can help the body to stimulate more androstenedione which is a precursor to testosterone. Raising the testosterone levels can be helpful in the way of libido and also just in the ability to for the sexual act.

So we can do a lot of things or use a lot of different herbs to help the whole process of having sex, not that it is just a process but we want to enhance and have enjoyment from it. We are one from the few creatures that actually has sex for enjoyment. Dolphins, some other animals do the same, but for many animals it is just an act that is an instinct, it is over very quickly and really not done because there is any necessarily enjoyment. Human seeks out sex just for that fact. It is got nothing to do with reproduction.

So you want to make it the best that you can.