Women’s Libido At Menopausal


Women should be more plan for about sexual activity. So it may be that they have to set up a date night with their partner and be a little more plan for about what are the ingredients that it takes for her to feel sexual. Does it take relaxation, does it take exercises, does it take a romantic setting? What are the ingredients does it take?

Sometimes it just working on the emotional intimacy, is that relationship with their partner. That is a very important element for women. If they are not feeling emotionally connected to their partners, they are not going to feel like being sexual.

There are so many aspects that play into low libido for women. So it is biological - it can be hormones, it can be medications that a woman is taking; it can be medical conditions such as diabetes or neurological diseases - all of those things are the biological things.

The psychological things that could have mood disturbances, we could have anxiety or depression, we could not feel so great about out body. Body self-image can be an issue in mid-life and maybe you do not feel like going to put on the lingerie. So those sorts of things are psychological.


Socio-cultural is the last aspect, and those things are how you grew up thinking about sexual activity, with it okay, with it not talked about. Maybe there are some messages from childhood about sex that make it a little more difficult.

And then the relationship factors are a huge piece. So is there any partner with a sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction in a woman's partner is a big issue, so that can cause dysfunction for her. But also the quality of the relationship, how good is that, is there is a privacy.

So it is just taking stock of all these aspects that can play into a women's sexuality. So is it going to be a pill that is going to fix this problem? Probably not.